Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Full Moon Figures

Full Moon Figures

Tonight, a friend and I had planned to drive up to the Jura mountains to see one last full moon rise over the mountains in Geneva before I leave Switzerland next month. I got in touch with the astronomy department of the university to find out where would be best to watch the moonrise in the Geneva area. An astronomer there recommended La Barillette, which looks out over Lake Geneva, across to Mont Blanc. She said: 

"At 21h, it will rise from a flat horizon in the ESE direction. Due to the Alps, the effective rise will be later. I don't know exactly how long after. If you wish to capture the very rising, be ready soon after 21h."

So it was all very exciting until it rained on and off all day in Geneva and we decided to delay until tomorrow, the 15th. As luck had it, another friend lured me out to see the moon peeping in and out of the clouds this evening. The clouds had made mountains in the sky.

In my post Photography (Has Got to Start Somewhere) last month I wrote that clouds should never be equated with bad light. Tonight, they formed strange shapes behind the full moon, though what they are, I'll leave for you to decide. I think I can see a fox, a boar and a donkey's head.

Fingers crossed for clear skies tomorrow!

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  1. "behind" the full moon...? I mean its a nice illusion of such depth, and nice moonshots...
    (but the clouds din't "form strange shapes behind the new moon" - )